Autumn…what’s not to love?

Autumn is my favorite season by far. I love the colors on the trees. I love the cooler weather; and I just love fall activities like apple picking, tailgating at the football games and going to the pumpkin patch!  But what’s a girl to do with all of those fun pictures?! Show them off of course.  Put them on layouts in scrapbooks, or make home decor layouts, or put them on cards to far flung siblings!  Now as you can imagine with all of these fall activities that I love the fall pages start to all look the same.  They are some variation of hunter, maroon, rust, and gold.  So that is why this Pathfinding paper appealed to me…it brought in the typical browns and oranges but it also added BLUE!  And not some deep navy but rather bright happy sky blue.


autum layout


So go outside, rake some leaves, drink some hot cider and be sure to take pictures to remember when it gets cold and snowy outside!

Scrappin Jen


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