88 days until Christmas!!

No I am not trying to intimidate you or have you hate my blog. LOL

I’m letting you know that the time has come…

  •  If you are making 50 handmade Christmas cards AND you want your friends and family to receive them before Christmas you must commit to a plan of action, TODAY.
  • If you are making scrapbooks for big life events for people as gifts, check to see where you are in the process.  Maybe its time to add some PML pages to help it go faster/smoother.  But pull out your calendars and BE REALISTIC!
  • Maybe you want beautiful homemade decor to decorate your home with this year.  Well CTMH has you covered on some great ideas and beautiful paper but even with the help of a new circut you have to get that work done ladies!

Please let me know what I can do to help you have the homemade Christmas of your dreams!

Your Crafty Friend!


PS If you are dying to get your hands on the new & awesome holiday idea book from Close to My Heart be sure to ask me how you can get it for FREE!!

holiday expressions


Secret Clubhouse

no boys

I am setting up a SECRET CLUBHOUSE this year.  Remember back to when you were a kid and you and your friends not only had that “secret” club that said NO BOYS ALLOWED but you had super fun handshakes and just plain ole silly fun?  Well our SECRET CLUBHOUSE will hopefully bring back some of that fun in a new way:

 ALL members will receive:
1) FREE Annual Inspiration Books and Seasonal Inspiration Books before other customers!!
*The new Annual Inspiration Book is set to open to customers on September 1st.  You will get yours a FULL month early.  (Rumor has it this new book has a new CRICUT cartridge!!)

2) A FREE mini stamp set just for joining!!

3) A FREE Stamp of the Month of your choice!!

4) Advance notice of the following month’s Corporate Campaign.

5) Contests, giveaways & promotions for club members ONLY!!

6) Play Groups!  As a member, you get to learn new techniques in my Play Groups that you can participate in long-distance.   Each month we use one of Close To My Heart’s ’to die for’ paper packs as well as other stamps and accessories to create three 2-page 12″ x 12″ layouts. You’ll love it!

You are required to purchase the Basic Kit, but are welcome to upgrade to the Better or Best Kits, or just to pick and choose things from them to add to your Basic Kit. Basic Kits are approximately $30-$35 (before shipping and tax). You purchase the month before for the following month and then your kits are ready and waiting for you!

For instance, you would buy your August kit in July.  Also, if you would like your packet cut by me, that’s an additional $5, stamping is also an additional $5.

You are always welcome to purchase additional items from the Idea Book, but are not obligated to in any way.  Also, no Home Gathering or meeting is required for this club…just send me your order via e-mail by the 12th of each month!!  Outside orders from friends, family, co-workers, etc. will help you earn more goodies so they are definitely encouraged!!  If you are interested in having an actual Home Gathering I would love to work with you and your friends to make cards, layouts, etc.

How exactly does this work?
*All orders should be sent to me via e-mail by the 12th of each month, paid by the 15th!! I put in your order individually, shipping directly to you!
*Orders are processed and shipped straight to YOU as soon as you pay for your order.

*Remember as this is our Secret Clubhouse these orders come directly from me rather than ordering through my website so that I can get you the best deals and add in fun little goodies to your orders 😉

Do you know someone who would love to be a part of our club?  If they sign-up you get a $10 shopping trip! WooHoo!!!

Autumn…what’s not to love?

Autumn is my favorite season by far. I love the colors on the trees. I love the cooler weather; and I just love fall activities like apple picking, tailgating at the football games and going to the pumpkin patch!  But what’s a girl to do with all of those fun pictures?! Show them off of course.  Put them on layouts in scrapbooks, or make home decor layouts, or put them on cards to far flung siblings!  Now as you can imagine with all of these fall activities that I love the fall pages start to all look the same.  They are some variation of hunter, maroon, rust, and gold.  So that is why this Pathfinding paper appealed to me…it brought in the typical browns and oranges but it also added BLUE!  And not some deep navy but rather bright happy sky blue.


autum layout


So go outside, rake some leaves, drink some hot cider and be sure to take pictures to remember when it gets cold and snowy outside!

Scrappin Jen


birthday card

Paper.  Call me old fashioned but I love paper.  I love the way it feels, the way it smells, the colors and the designs, and of course its versatility!   As such, it only seemed logical that my hobby would be paper crafting.  I love opening that new paper pack and imagining all of the fun that can be had with that paper.  We can make scrapbook layouts, homemade cards, goods for the home, party decorations, and more!  Now papercrafting is not a cheap hobby but it is a quality hobby.  So sure you can buy a card from the Dollar Store just like everyone else or you can make a homemade card that required you to buy the needed parts and put some time into it…but I bet they keep your card and treasure the personalization.

So I hope you’ll join me on my papercrafting adventures!

Scrappin Jen